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Future Technology

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Voice control is now a trend
The Cancer Gene Fingerprint
Robot snake automatically wraps around an object when thrown
Flying cars
First planet with FOUR suns discovered
NASA begins using robotic exoskeletons
Diamond planet discovered
Artificial leaves generate electricity
Voyager I leaves the Solar System
Self-Driving bus is legal in Greece
3-D printer creates full-size houses in one session
DNA was photographed for the first time
Genetically modified silk is stronger than steel
DARPA robot can traverse an obstacle course
Laser guns are now a reality
Eye implants give sight to the blind
Quadriplegic successfully uses mind-controlled robotic arm
You can swallow a pill-sized camera instead of invasive scopes
inFORM 3-D display allows remote manipulation of physical objects
Engineers create a paper-thin robot skin that responds to touch
Scientists create Matrix-esque artificial womb
Human brain is hacked
Invisibility cloak technology took a huge leap forward
Superman’s view through walls becomes reality
The world’s first fully mind-controlled synthetic leg goes for a stroll