Olly Murs【That Girl】- Ariel Tsai 蔡佩軒 Cover - Tik Tok 抖音熱門


蔡佩軒 Ariel Tsai

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Dear 小魚兒們:今天很特別!跟你們一起慶祝畢業,慶祝順利拿到藥師證照,慶祝即將回到台灣做音樂... 一個嶄新的開始,就從這個很特別的作品開始吧!

首次挑戰編曲加入EDM,首次翻唱英文歌,首次練腹肌... 哈哈開玩笑的,腹肌一直都在 ;) (只是游泳圈遮住了哈)

所以這首意義非凡的 That Girl, 送給你們。

Your girl Ariel

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Dear all!

Wow. Only took me this long… to finally make an English cover!! Yes all you who’ve been requesting English songs, here you go! :)

Thought it’s so special to finally release something in English before I move back to Taiwan for music full time. It’s been a real amazing journey, and thank y'all for the support all this time xoxo.

Now before getting too emotional... let’s listen to this song that I truly had so much fun rearranging and remixing! First time adding some electronic elements hehe.. Hope you like it!!

Ya girl Ariel


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【That Girl】by Olly Murs
演唱 Cover by:蔡佩軒 Ariel Tsai
編曲/混音/製作 Arranger/Mixer/Producer:蔡佩軒 Ariel Tsai

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