Koi Aap Sa 2005 Hindi 720p HDRip Bolly Wood Best Gold Movie



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Aftab Shivdasani...Rohan
Anita Hassanandani Reddy...Simran / Simi
Dipannita Sharma...Preeti
Himanshu Malik...Vicky
Vaidya Advait...Sam
Pushy Anand...Vicky's mom
Shama Deshpande...Sumati - Simran's mom
Rajendra Gupta...Mahesh - Simran's dad

Rohan and Simi are childhood friends, Rohan loves Preeti and Simi helps them get closer but Preeti feels it awkward as a sign of insecurity and jealousy. Now Simi's fiance Vickey comes from America and there engagement is held. After the engagement in a party where Rohan and Preeti dances together someone comes to meet Simi outside of the party venue and it's Ranjit Vickey's friend and Simi is brutally raped by Ranjit, who had an eye on Simi from the first day when they met. Rohan gets to know about this sinning act and follows Ranjit until he meets with an accident and dies. Simran's parents blame Rohan for the rape and Vicky breaks the alliance leaving Simi devastated. Rohan decides to support his friend which makes Preeti upset and she breaks up with him. Days after Simi finds out that she's pregnant, to help Simran, Rohan proposes Simi for marriage. Few months later, just as the wedding is about take place at the very moment Vicky comes back from US and apologises for his cowardness also takes responsibility of the unborn child and Preeti too makes up with Rohan. But later it is revealed that in the meantime both Rohan and Simi fell for each other. And later Preeti also discloses to Simi that Rohan loves her. Simi gets Labour pain and is rushed to hospital she gives birth to a baby girl. When nurse asks about the father Simi tells about Rohan. And after this event both Simi and Rohan gets United.
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