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Starring: Rahul Ravindran, Chandini Chowdhary, Ali, Rao Ramesh, Posani, Madhu Nandan and others.
Directed by Rewon Yadhu.
Produced by EMVE Studios Pvt.Ltd.
Music by Shekar Chandra

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Rahul Ravindran is obsessed with his childhood sweetheart Sweety(Chandni Chowdary). But as time passes by, he leaves his village and settles down in Kolkotta. One fine day, he decides to find his love and comes back to his village. But the twist is that Sweety does not remember her past and ignores him big time. But Rahul somehow woos her and by the time Sweety gets ready to accept his love, Rahul gives her the shock of her life and leaves the village. What is that shock? What will Sweety do now? and how does the lead pair meet up during the end?
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