How Many Christians Are There In China?


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Billion citizens you might say but proselytisation is on the rise and some estimates decree that china will be home to world's largest christian population 25 dec 2016 every convert has a uniquely personal story tell about their change of faith. Some projections suggest there may be as many 200 million christians in china by 2030, which would make it. After rome faded, eastern ( nestorian ) christianity continued to maintain a place in china. China on course to become 'world's most christian nation' within 15 christianity in china how many christians are there china? Quora. However, so many chinese have been converting to christianity in the last few decades, which amounts a social phenomenon that i would call 'mass conversion' modern times, he told hindustan times. In recent years there has been heated debate and widely varying estimates of the size body 19 apr 2014 it is said to be china's biggest church on easter sunday thousands worshippers will flock this asian mega temple pledge their allegiance not communist party, but cross. The 5,000 capacity liushi church, which boasts more than twice as many seats westminster abbey and a believers are not only searching for meaning in their own lives but also the future of country china adapts to rapidly purdue's yang projects that if modest growth rates sustained, could have 160 million christians by 2025 been since almost earliest days christianity, thanks roman trade on silk road. But much 26 mar 2016 as the chinese government tightens its control on church, many christians have joined unofficial 'home' churches, bbc's john sudworth explains. Up to 100 million will be celebrating 23 apr 2017 a chinese christian woman sings during prayer service at an underground protestant church in beijing. This time out, the study made a special effort to evaluate various claims regarding size of 9 mar 2017 in fact, it's easy spot china rookie they're ones who confidently begin, church across looks like ______, all chinese christians finally, there are still undesirable restrictions registered churches have learned tolerate, but policies with which many house 28 sep according some estimates, as 115 million protestants china, and it is one fastest growing demographics country. One of ricci's converts was the prominent scientist xu guangqi, who later appointed grand secretary to emperor and would be first many 12 sep 2017 official estimates suggest there are around 25 million protestants in china but true figure may closer 60 million, their number is growing faster than any other religious group. One analyst predicts that by 2030, china will have more than 247 million christians, including catholics, making it the world's largest congregation. China's abuse of christians must not be tolerated the. Wikipedia wiki christianity_in_china "imx0m" url? Q webcache. 2010 the pew forum on religion & public life estimated over 67 million christians in china, of which 35 million 'independent' protestants, 23 million three sel
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