Gangster 2 (2018) Tamil Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Vishal, Shriya Saran


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Guru and Thamizharasu are dreaded gangsters in Chennai. They are against pitted each other and fight to establish their supremacy in city. They indulge in gang war painting Chennai red. Enters Murugan . A native of Madurai, he comes to Chennai with a mission. He leaves his village promising his mother that he would return only with his brother, who had run away from the house about two decades ago.
Murugan gets the help of his friend Vellaichamy . He comes across the gangsters and a sequence of events results in him incurring both their wrath. In a bloody duel with Guru, he comes to know that he is his brother, whom he has been searching for long. Now he is entrusted with the task of protecting him from Thamizharasu. How he accomplishes his task forms the crux.
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