Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie: Broly REVEALED As Mysterious Saiyan



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Broly is revealed as the main villain in the upcoming 2018 Dragon Ball Super movie.
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With the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie coming out December 14th, fans all over the net are speculating over what the movie is about. Just recently, the answer to who the mysterious saiyan has finally been revealed: it’s Broly. Some fans are raging while others are excited. Which one are you? We previously theorized 6 possible candidates who could’ve been the mysterious saiyan and Broly was one of them! We realized we said “revealed” before but trust us, this time it’s for real. It’s not April Fools. This is not a troll. Today, we shall discuss the latest news and information regarding this reveal, what it means and how this can help us theorize further on the plot of the movie.


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