Crowntail Betta | Ikan Cupang | How to Train Your Betta Fish To Fight


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Crowntail Betta | Ikan Cupang | How to Train Your Betta Fish To Fight

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The Betta fish video is to entertain you for everyone, please watch how amazing natural fight and hot betta fish it is?
So please enjoy the International betta fishes competition and don't be feeling bad with the video, It is the sport fishes as the boxer, trainer of fighting, This video is not Animals Abuse ...
I have captured the video just to entertain you.
This kinds of fishes is just fighting that is natural of fight fish
And I also don't let them fighting until die
The fishes is under taking care
Please enjoy the video and like or comment and share it to your friend.
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There are much more betta fishes videos which I would upload to my channel.

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