Crazy Romeo (2018) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Venkatesh, Ram Pothineni, Anjali



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The movie story deals with Balaram is a good hearted strongman of the village of Bheemarajapuram. He treats everyone with fairness and takes care of their needs. But there is one thing that Balaram cannot tolerate and that is lying. If he catches someone lying, Balaram metes out a severe punishment to the offender. Into this scenario comes in Rahman . Along with his sister Sania, Rahman comes to the village in search of a job. With a brave deed, he falls into the good books of Balaram but circumstances force him to change his name to Ram. He soon becomes a trusted aide of Balaram and all is well for a while. However, Balaram catches Rahman while he is offering Namaz and asks him for an explanation. Out of desperation, Rahman reveals that he has a younger brother named Rahman. (He says the brother’s name is Rahman since Balaram knows the original guy as Ram). This Rahman character is portrayed as a gay and Balaram tasks him with teaching his sister (Shazahn Padamsee) the art of dance. Rahman struggles to manage the roles of Ram and Rahman and a confusion drama ensues. As can be expected, the truth comes out in the end and Balaram is outraged. Will he forgive Rahman? That forms the story of ‘Masala.
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