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Baby name channel La Nomia presents 61 Modern and traditional S LETTER SPANISH NAMES for baby girls- PART 1. This movie is an exhaustive name list of modern Spanish names beginning with S and it is a part of our ABC names video series as well. All names that have been mentioned in this name video made are very hot right now. This is also a part of our names of the world video series. We handpicked most popular, most cute and elegant Spanish names for baby girls beginning with letter S. Some of them are also used in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Spanish names are also loved in Ireland, Scotland, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You will find quite a few names that will sound uncommon and even quite rare and exotic. However these are contemporary, yet classic and traditional American names capable to meet Your baby name envy needs. Some of them are getting trendy in Great Britain, Germany, England and France right now. We loved them and found them to be modern enough, elegant and stylish at the same time. You will find some truly unique names here too. All of these names can meet the needs of today’s multicultural parents. They are trendy, stylish, modern and also traditional and classic, and yet accepted Internationally- in Europe, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia and New Zealand, as well as in other Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking countries. We hope this video will make your pregnancy more delightful and will help you to choose a really cool and cute baby name for girl and Your daughter. In fact - a name is your first gift to the most precious person in your life - Your baby. That is why, name guru of La Nomia created this baby name channel to make your quest and search for the baby naming ideas as simple as we could. For your convenience we picked for You most beautiful and attractive, as well as interesting, stylish, exotic, rare and yet fitting modern needs names. We find them to be most trendy and also traditional Spanish names that begin with letter S. Almost all of these names are traditional names of Spanish speaking countries, and some of them are climbing to the tops of Australia and Canada too. We hope, that this video will be helpful for all interested in baby names and meanings of the names. This video may provide you with some naming tips as well. You can always find more stylish and unique baby names at our website lanomia.info. Please, please be free to subscribe to our channel, share our videos and please, leave Your comments. Your comments and likes are highly appreciated and valued- in fact they encourage us to serve You and baby naming community better, They provide us information about Your choices and tastes. Do not forget to like our video as well. Thank You for watching.