'Animals & Us' - Andy Holden


Turner Contemporary

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In their video installation, ‘A Natural History of Nest Building’ (2017), artist Andy Holden and his ornithologist father Peter Holden explore the beautiful and complex structures that birds build. Should these be seen in terms of instinctive genetic behaviour or as expressions of creativity and ingenuity? They culminate with the extraordinary decorated constructions of the Bowerbird. How close do these come to a work of art? If aesthetic instinct is prized in humans, does this make the Bowerbird an artist par excellence?

‘Animals & Us’ is a major exhibition exploring artists’ reflections on the relationship between humans and other animals. At a time when scientists warn that humans may be causing the sixth mass extinction on earth; how do we see and relate to other animals? Focusing on contemporary and 20th century artists and including historical artworks and artefacts ‘Animals & Us’ explores our lives and encounters with animals, and how these have been reflected in art.
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